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IrDA Trademarks and Guidelines


                 IrSimpleShot (IrSSTM)       IrSimpleTM  

The IrDA® Certification Trademarks identify to the consumer those products which contain IrDA technology.  IrDA's trademarks, certification marks and brands are IrDA’s Intellectual property and are important and valuable assets of the association. All products using the IrDA certification marks “IrReady” and “IrSimple” family of marks must first be tested by an authorized test lab and then receive specific approval by the IrDA prior to use.

Devices that implement the IrSimple Profile specification must be certified in accordance with the IrDA requirements for certification and must use the appropriate certification word mark.  It is a necessary pre-condition of the trademark regulations when the IrSimple profile is implemented.

  • IrSimple™ is a word brand name (certification trademark) which indicates a device contains both IrSimple uni-directional and bi-directional transmission protocol.  Devices using this brand name are required to be certified by an IrDA Authorized Test Lab and registered with the IrDA Office.
  • IrSimpleShot™ (IrSS™) is a word brand name (certification trademark) which indicates a device contains the IrSimple uni-directional transmission protocol. Devices using this brand name are required to be certified by an IrDA authorized test lab and registered at IrDA Office.
Both of these "marks"  have been used by the IrDA, in the United States, and abroad, since 2006.  The use of the IrSS and IrSimple trademarks are controlled by the IrDA through its "IrSimple" Specifications.  These marks are certification marks, meaning that IrDA (the owner of the marks) grants permission to use the marks only to those third parties that are certified as "complying" with the IrDA Specifications. 

International Trademark Registration Number for China and Japan: IrSimple 1027209
International Trademark Registration Number for China and Japan: IrSS 1028048

US Trademark Serial Number: IrSimple  77908326
US Trademark Serial Number: IrSS 7730995

The trademark usage fee for non-members is $1,500 per product.  A trademark usage fee is not required for members in IrDA.     Many companies need early access to the product trademarks for planning purposes.  For more information contact daphne@irda.org





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