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The IrDA staff is dedicated to promoting the development and proliferation of Infrared enabled products, services and technology.  They have contributed to the creation of more than 30 technical specifications by the organization and its  members,in addition to supporting developers, press, and academic communities.  They look forward to expanding the services of the organization to inform consumers about IrDA products and solutions.

Some of the services we provide include: Marketing Communications, Event and Trade Show Co-ordination and Management, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Development, Project Management, Trademark and Branding, Technical and Administrative Support.

Daphne Terrell
Executive Director Operations
Email: daphne@irda.org

Midori Miller
Executive Director Marketing and Business Plans
Email: midori@irda.org

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Become a member of the community that creates and develops fast and reliable communication standards by using Infrared technology-- become an IrDA member! Recent innovative improvements to protocol layers and transceiver designs now allow IrDA technology to be more efficient, extend the distance up to 3m and enable much wider angles.

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